Are you ready to book the karaoke machine? Then this is the place. Make sure you call or text Soren at (503) 515-2880 to confirm availability on your date. Fill in the rental form and make sure you read the full agreement. Call or text with any questions.




Contract wording starts here.

The standard rental of the machine is picked up by the renter at 2612 NE 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 97212 on the morning of the event and returned by noon the next day. Often you can pick up the day before and drop off later, but you will need to confirm this with Soren first.

All appointments must be confirmed by call or text at 503-515-2880 as we do not have standard office hours, only appointments.

By agreeing to this contract the renter agrees to pay Portland Karaoke Rental the amount on the contract in Full at the time of pick up of the equipment.

The renter agrees to return the booth by noon the next day after the event, or coordinate a different time before pick up of the equipment so that no extra charges will be applied.

Portland Karaoke Rentals reserves the right to charge the renter for extra time that the booth is held without permission.

The renter is responsible for returning all of the equipment rented in workign order. Any damage to the equipment beyond normal wear and tear can be charged to the renter up to the cost of total replacement of the rented equipment.

The Renter agrees that they understand the karaoke machine requires pick up and drop off of the equipment by the renter, and that the machine requires regular 110V power to be plugged into, and that Wifi Internet access is requires. If no Wifi connected to the internet is available please make prior arrangement with Soren to include a Cell signal based hotspot with the machine. If no cell service and no wifi is available at the event special arrangements may be required which adds a $50 fee.

The renter agrees that the karaoke machine will only be used at a private event. Any use of the karaoke machine at a public venue requires a $50 fee to cover musicians rights fees. The renter acknowledges that for their private event that they will be personally licencing the songs in their names through with an account requiring their personal email addresses and Names. Of course we show the renter how to do this when you pick up the booth.

Portland Karaoke Rentals and its Parent Company Coughlin-Glaser Photography LLC. Is only renting the karaoke machine equipment to the user, not the music, and is not responsible for any misuse or illegal use of copyrighted materials (songs) made with the equipment.

End of contract.